“It’s more than just a war.  It’s an opportunity to sell a bunch of wooden swords and tiny, patriotic flags.” – Sun Tzu, The Art of War.

Anybody will tell you – world dominance ain’t cheap.  Do you wish your car got better gas mileage?  Well, we have a tank and two F-16 and those babies don’t fuel themselves.  To finance our attempt to bring Mohagen to ever corner of the globe, we have been known from time to time to offer Mohagen related articles for sale.  Unlike the crap we routinely buy from Army Surplus Stores and Crate & Barrel, the products we sell here are of the highest quality.

Mohagen Sticker $1

Mohagen T-Shirt $15
Size :

-Mohagen F-16 spare parts $800-$11,500 (depending of parts)