Frequently Asked Questions


I noticed that Mohagen often swears.  How do I let my children read your comic if there is swearing in it?

That’s an excellent question.  And we at Team Mohagen applaud you for thinking about the web sites that your children might be visiting.  Unfortunately, Mohagen holds a PG-13 rating and we don’t recommend the comic experience for children of all ages.  There are many people who believe that if something is animated or in a cartoon format that it was meant for children.  However, Mohagen is definitely not a comic for all ages not unlike but not limited to: The Art Work of Frank Frazetta, Family Guy, Fritz the Cat, and other cartoons that all strangely start with the letter “F”.

Oh hai!  I wanz to give you mah moneys?  How do I gives you all mah moneys?

Well that’s very nice of you.  Mohagen is a free comic but there are occasional operations expenses like buying Organic Fish Food and purchasing classes to Teach Frogs to Roll Dice.  If you were so inclined to support your locally grown comic strip, you could click on this pay pal link below.

And thank you.  Thank you very much.

Dude!  I saw Mohagen at a comic book convention and there were, like, these awesome t-shirts and stickers and other wicked cool stuff for sale.  Can I, like, you know, buy that stuff on this web page?


First are foremost, head over to our Store Page.  You can get there by clicking on the following link:  STORE

We have everything from shirts to stickers to spare jet parts.

Swim over and take a look.  Get it?  Swim.  Swim over and take a look?  Oh lord, but I kill me.


I have a fish too!  Can my fish be in your comic?

Currently, we are not hiring fish for additional roles in Mohagen but thank you for your interest and your continued support.


Mohagen and Grady often wear costumes.  Where do they come from?

Mohagen makes them.  The costumes are kept inside Grady, who is hollow.  Mohagen has his sister’s sewing machine in there too.


What’s the situation with Grady and Jeremy’s Mom?  That’s kinda weird.

The better question might be, can you blame Grady?  Jeremy’s mom is funny, charming, extremely hot, and hard working.  What’s not to love and secretly lust after? 

Speaking of love, does Mohagen have a girlfriend?

This question will be answered VERY soon.

How does Mohagen pay his Smart Phone bill?

Mohagen doesn’t.  Jeremy’s Dad does.  It’s a family plan and the whole family has cell phones.  Even the fish.