(The following bios were written by John Kipling and should not be used as legitimate resource materials for future cable television biography shows.)


Kennon James, in his own words, likes to draw stuff.  The pantheon of his work extends into movies, comic books, board games, flash animation and video games.  Once voted “most likely to do well in prison”, Kennon is much more than sole draftsman, colorist, letter, co-writer, and co-creator of Mohagen.  He is also the drive and the taut buttocks of Team Mohagen.  Weathering severe storms and surpassing perilous obstacles, Kennon has refused to quit and abandoned his dream to become an accordion player in a polka inspired AC/DC cover band.  However until that dream becomes an edgy albeit bitchin’ reality, Kennon James will remain the mastermind behind a fish named Mohagen.

A devote pilgrim of the Church of Football, Kennon lives in Hutto, Texas with his dogs, cats, and fish.  A seasoned outdoorsman and former, semi-pro beer drinker, Kennon’s knowledge of trivia pertaining to music, movies, popular entertainment, and other pointless crap can only be described as legendary.  He once killed a man who merely laughed at his love of Coldplay and scented candles.  Ironically, Kennon killed the man using a lavender scented pillar candle and an unopened copy of Mylo Xyloto.

You can see more of Kennon’s artwork over here at his art blog: Kennon’s Art Blog

And his deviant art page: Kennon’s Deviant Art Page




John Kipling is from the not too distant future where, after World War X, all of mankind has been genetically cloned from the DNA of Abraham Lincoln and Jessica Alba.  Not unlike your present day community colleges and overpriced daycares, in the future, people in their early twenties are “required” to spend four to sixteen years living in the past and mooching off someone other than their parents.  Being a fan of such classic art forms such as CSI: Miami and The Jonas Brothers, it wasn’t hard for John to choose the early 21st century as his temporary home.

This will be our son...“A photopaper from John Kipling’s childhood (John is on the right)”

As John’s herds of goats, the adorable form of currency in his time, were all but worthless in the 21st Century, he quickly secured employment as a certified public accountant.  And thanks to a Religious Studies minor and his extensive knowledge of vampires and South American mummies, John secured a job at an accounting firm that specializes in undead clients throughout the Midwest.  He is married to a woman who can only be described as “out of his league” and has two genetically similar parasites that he affectionately refers to as his “child-ren”.  In his off hours, John is a writer and amateur collector of vintage pornography.

Detention“Example of John’s early creativity”