MOHAGEN:  (pronounced Moe-Hay-Gun)

Mohagen is a fancy, orange goldfish and belongs to a twelve year old boy named Jeremy.  Trapped in his two gallon universe, Mohagen gazes out through his bowled window and watches the adolescent boy play video/board games, watch movies and television, and suffer through middle school.  Mohagen’s only company in the bowl is Grady, a plastic fishbowl decoration, with his sardonic wit.  Not unlike Jeremy, Mohagen is an avid football fan, loves food of all shapes and sizes, and considers himself quite the ladies man, uh, ladies fish.




What is Grady?  Grady is the plastic, fishbowl decoration that lives in eternal torment in Jeremy’s fishbowl.  Is Grady a real head?  Well, no, he’s plastic and hollow.  However Grady is a believer in reincarnation and believes that he was once something else, someone who was slated to suffer for his previous actions.  Grady also has “a thing” for Jeremy’s Mom.

Who knows what Grady’s previous deeds were…




Fosse is the Iguana who belongs to the boy next door.  The boy’s name is Michael; although to his parents’ chagrin, he pronounces it as Michelle like they do in France.  Michael’s dad was worried that his son wasn’t masculine enough so he bought his son a “manly” pet – an Iguana.  Michael promptly named the pet Fosse, after the world’s great dance choreographer and performer (Bob Fosse), and gave his Iguana a pink food dish.  Fosse and Mohagen met the only one time Michael and his family was invited over for dinner yet Jeremy and Michael never became friends.  Luckily, Mohagen and Fosse got along famously and had the good sense to swap telephone numbers.




Ripley was the cat who used to live with Jeremy and his family.  She was very wise and maybe just a touch of an elitist.  Then again, perhaps she has ever reason to feel superior as she received a job at advertising firm working to put more cats on the Internet.  Sadly, she no longer lives with Jeremy and his family.



Gygax is a frog who belongs to a young boy named Robert, a school acquaintance of Jeremy.  Like Robert, Gygax might be described as kind of a gaming nut.  When Robert comes over to Jeremy’s to play AD&D, Gygax is placed in Mohagen’s bowl for the duration of the game.  While in the bowl for the first time, Gygax talked Mohagen and Grady into going on their first dungeon adventure.  Although the party ended in death by a terrifying Slaad, the little frog promised that he would one day return and another game would be played.