When did it happen?

When did we go from making fun of the guy DJ’ing our high school dance to wanting to be the DJ?  I went to a high school reunion *cough* and half of my graduating class had become DJ’s.  HALF!  And I grew up in a town of 11,000 people.  What the hell does a town that size need with that many DJ’s?

Was it Fat Boy Slim?  Was it Deadmau5?  Was it the guy who knew all the words to Pac Man Fever?  Who made a $13,000 a year job so sought after?  Was it a lure of hitting on drunk celebrities after the club closes?

And I’m not even talking about the guys who simply make playlists and plug their iPhone into some stereo equipment.  WTF?  My mom does the same thing at her house.  54 Neil Diamond songs.  What?  Is she a DJ too?

Stahp.  Just… stahp.