Nothing says love like SENSORY OVERLOAD!  Because everyone loves turning on the radio and listening to the same six songs.  Over and over and over and over…

“It’s not just about making something timeless.  It’s about making something that will generate income for all time.”  - Fictional Walt Disney Quote

Did you like the movie Cars?  You know, the disappointing film by Pixar that has had a sequel and two spinoffs (Planes and Planes2).  Did you know that Cars has made over 10 BILLION DOLLARS in merchandising for Disney?  That’s right – BILLIONS.  Hell!  Forget creating a machine that turns lead into gold.  Disney has created a machine that turns shit into gold.


So was it a surprise to anyone when Disney said that they plan to make FROZEN a name brand, not unlike Toy Story and Cars?  After all, if a mediocre film like Cars can make billions, how much could a good film make?  Yeah, if you thought “Let It Go” drove you nuts, just wait until you can’t walk through Target without being assaulted by everything Anna, Elisa, and Olaf.  And wait til’ Winter gets here.  It’s going to be a Frozen Christmas (again).

This is America and nothing says success like a room full of money that you can go swimming in.  But at what point are we killing the Golden Goose to make pâté?  What’s next?  Will Disney open a theme park in Amsterdam so there can be a Red Light District where you can sleep with your favorite Disney Princesses?  Will any of us be surprised when Disney buys Nintendo?

Frankly.  It’s all just a little nauseating.

In other news, who else is excited about Baymax?  Amirite?  Amirite?