A quick note about the importance of college and the study of Time Travel.

Over here at Team Mohagen, we have never been big proponents of organized, “higher” education for profit.  I mean, I’m FROM the future and Kennon has personal dealings with both the supernatural and the extraterrestrial here on Earth.  How is learning how to chug beer and protest stuff going to help us navigate the fabric of time itself?  Right?  Well, I guess it just made sense to us that college, as it pertains to Time Travel, would be a waste of… well… time.  *rimshot*

So when I volunteered to show Kennon the future, we figured that we could make some minor alterations to the “time bubble” that I arrived in and, you know, check out my old (future) stomping grounds and such and be back in five minutes.  Nothing crazy, mind you.  We would spend a week in the future, get some badass tribal tattoos, drink this stuff that we have that’s like beer but somehow both better and yet not quite as good, and then we’d be back.  BAM!  Nobody would even know that we were gone.  I mean, I always figured that was the best part about Time Travel – it really doesn’t matter if you remembered to turn the stove off or let the dog out because in the grand scheme of things, you’re never really gone that long.  Anyway, that was the theory.

Well, speaking from experience, it turns out that Time Travel isn’t something you and your best bud and two 24 packs just jump into.  It would seem that Bill & Ted are works for complete fiction and not role models at all.  Seriously – those guys are assholes.  And as much as it pains me to admit this now, Time Travel isn’t as easy as all that.  In fact, it’s kind of like tuning a car stereo with a Van de Graff particle accelerator.  *rimshot*

One year and eight months.  That’s how long it has taken us to get back to this moment right here.  No shit.  One year and eight months and this was as close as we could get.  The good news is, for us, we were gone a lot longer than it seemed.  The bad news is, we lost a couple/few/buncha months.  Heh heh.  Whoopsie doodle.

So, yeah, lessons learned, amiright?

Anyway, Team Mohagen is finally back and we now resume with our regularly scheduled program.

(kids – stay in school.)