It’s what drives us.

Insists that we survive.

At Mohagen’s Obstacle Course Horror Gym (™), we know it’s tough to get off the couch. And that’s why we’re sending a whole bunch of clowns (A Giggle of Clowns if you will) over to your house to chase you around a track.

Move over Cross Fit. Adios Prancercize. It’s time for the ultimate workout.

We start you off slow.

Zombies. Nice slow lumbering zombies. Perfect for dusting off the cobwebs and Thanksgiving rolls. But as you progress, you’ll find it’s not just zombies that are out to get you.

And it’s more than just running around a track. Each obstacle has been designed with the best work out in mind. You’re not just pushing that heavy, rusty door open. You’re blasting your glutes and rocking your pecks.

So amble on down and sign up today. We’ll chase the fat right out of you!