“oh Crazy Quilt…. you so crazy….”

PORTLAND WIZARD CON was off the hook! Get it! Hook! Fish! Get it? Get it?


Well, besides bad fish puns and John Kipling’s desperate cries for attention, Wizard Con was a freakin’ hoot! Thanks to everyone who stopped by and checked out the fish. I remember each and every one of you. Tourette’s Rainbow Dash – while I still think the Sonic Rain-Boom is probably better, you’re Sonic F8#king-C&#t-Blast was nothing short of brilliant. And to the guy who was dressed up as Grape Ape – Dude – You Rock, Beagly Beagly.

A special shout out to Jason Raines, our table buddy and all around schexy, comic god. If you haven’t checked out his work… well… look him up on the web. I lost his card. But click HERE to see some of his awesome work!  Thanks for hanging out with 50% of Team Mohagen, Jason.  You Rock, Beagly Beagly.



p.s.  Oh.  And to that one fan.  You know who you are – that one fan who knew who Mohagen was and who knew who I was.  Thank you so much for saying Hello.  You are the very reason that Kennon and I love doing this comic so much.  We hope to see you again.  *muyah*