Poor Ryan Reynolds.

He truly is the Hollywood Halloween story.

What if you had a funny, talented good looking actor with six pack abs and he still stunk up every movie he was in?

Seriously, he’s like the male version of Penelope Cruz.

His best bet is to make a movie about a guy who is a super hero that everybody goes out of their way to leave behind. Vince Vaughn could be his sidekick – Old Man Stink!

31 Halloween Films for Kids Who Can’t See R-Rated Movies Yet.

#1 – The Hole

The Hole is the best Halloween movie for kids who can’t see R-Rated movies. Seriously, this is the best Joe Dante movie you’ve never heard of or seen. It’s Danielewski’s House of Leaves for 13 year olds.

And such a simple premise. Family moves into a new house. In the basement, there’s a hatch covering a hole in the ground. The hatch is covered with pad locks which you’ve got to admit is a pretty clear sign to stay out. Ah but kids will be kids. And once that hatch is open, there’s nothing but the abyss underneath.

Crazy thing about abysses – stare into them and they have a habit of staring back.

And whatever scares the person most that looks into the hole; yeah, wouldn’t you know it, that’s what comes crawling out.

Haven’t seen it? Well, grab yourself some Halloween candy, fire up the tv, and treat yourself to this missed masterpiece.

And ask yourself… if you looked into the hole, what would come crawling out?



Full List of Films
#31 – Tremors
#30 – ParaNorman
#29 – Signs
#27 – Hellboy
#26 – Gremlins
#24 – The Mummy
#22 – Warm Bodies
#21 – Them!
#19 – Scrooged
#18 – Super 8
#17 – IT
#14 – The Mask
#12 – Teen Wolf
#7 – Zathura
#3 – 9
#1 – The Hole