As much as work, you know, sucks, with every job there is a silver lining. Sometimes, it’s just the copier paper you steal for home. Other times, it’s using your work tools to fix something around the house. Every job has SOMETHING that makes it just … I don’t know… suck a little less. You say no? Well, I say you just haven’t found it yet.

Have you tried looking in the break room? You know they use the same filters on the coffee machine at work as you do at home. I’m just saying…

31 Halloween Films for Kids Who Can’t See R-Rated Movies Yet.

#8 – Zathura

It’s a shame that this film gets mentioned in the same breath as Jumanji. While I appreciate what Jumanji was going for and there are a few fleeting moments of brilliance, Zathura is so much better. In Jumanji, you had a wonderful idea with a whole lot of shitty CGI…. and Robin Williams. But Zathura is a rare instance where the sequel surpasses the original. And by a country mile, no less.

The key that makes this movie work is a pre-Iron Man Jon Favreau. His direction is spot on and the usual clowning reserved for him and Vince Vaughn is handled beautifully by the two boys. And best of all, he doesn’t pull the punches. The aliens are meat eaters and scary. The robot is brilliant and evil. And what? What is this? Kirsten Stewart? And she’s acting? *shudder*

I would defy the world to show me any kid who didn’t like this movie. Yes, it’s no Jumanji but that’s a very good thing in this case. Zathura is exciting and thrilling and funny. And if you haven’t seen it yet, you are in for a real treat.



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