The monkeys are back!

But first, a little back story. The job that Mohagen is referring to, his (quote) dream job (unquote) if you will, is a REAL JOB! And it pays fantastic! And… it’s a job that absolutely no one would want.

Oh sure, “plain jane” and “three-legged-bill” porn is fine and dandy. But the person with this job has to review ALL the pornography that is shipped. That means even the porn that isn’t enjoyable has to be reviewed. For example, porn that involved people over the age of 80 as well as porn that involves the bashing, smashing, and crushing of a man’s testicles like they were luggage given to a gorilla to jump upon.

Which brings us back to teh monkeys. Yes, the flame war that was started back in strip #223 is back and this time it’s Team Banana who aren’t pulling any punches.  But how will Team Mohagen take it?  Will they fight back or will they take the high road?  Only time will tell…


31 Halloween Films for Kids Who Can’t See R-Rated Movies Yet.

#15 – Arachnophobia


Before there was Big Ass Spider or Eight Legged Freaks, there was Arachnophobia, a story to scare anyone who has ever feared the pitter-patter-pitter-patter of eight legged beasties running about.  While little more than Jaws but with Spiders, this movie still manages a nice mix of humor and shivers down yer timber.  When I say, it’s like Jaws, I don’t mean that the “spider” is the biggest one anyone has ever seen before.  I mean they take the guy who has studied spiders all his life, and the guy that has killed spiders all his life, and the guy that has gone out of his way to avoid spiders all of his life, and they throw them into the same little town and we watch how out of their league they are.

Just a little warning though, if you didn’t mind spiders before, you might seriously hate spiders after watching this movie.  Ugh.  I get the hebbie jebbies just thinking about it.


Full List of Films
#31 – Tremors
#30 – ParaNorman
#29 – Signs
#27 – Hellboy
#26 – Gremlins
#24 – The Mummy
#22 – Warm Bodies
#21 – Them!
#19 – Scrooged
#18 – Super 8
#17 – IT