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31 Halloween Films for Kids Who Can’t See R-Rated Movies Yet.

#16 – Memoirs of an Invisible Man

There’s lots of reasons that this movie has turned “invisible” itself. It requires a handsome, arrogant lead, a beautiful muse, and an evil bastard for a villain. And sadly, it only has Sam Neil (and his indigestion acting) as a fantastic, obsessed son of a bitch villain. But, luckily, the movie’s direction and script save what they can of this movie.

Not enough people have read the original The Invisible Man, and for those you haven’t, you must understand that it’s a tragic novel about a man who finds out that being invisible sucks. Memoirs of an Invisible Man does a fantastic job of keeping the tone of the original inspiration while creating something new. (Not unlike Ralph Ellison’s breathtaking opus.)

It will take some searching, but find this overlooked, if not slightly cloudy jewel. Halloween just isn’t Halloween unless there’s at least one Invisible Man.


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