Kennon and I are always throwing around ideas for webcomics we’d like to do. You know, in addition to Mohagen. Mostly we talk about some sort of Dungeon Crawl comic, something to show off Kennon’s art chops. But now, now I really want a webcomic about a mule who is indeed a drug mule and is constantly crossing the border with black tar heroin shoved up his bum. I know, I know. It sounds tragic, but who doesn’t want to read a comic about Eeyore smuggling smack into the U.S.?

*sound of crickets chirping*

Eh-hem. Moving along…

31 Halloween Films for Kids Who Can’t See R-Rated Movies Yet.

#18 – Super 8

I am one of those guys that really believe that Super 8 would have done so much better if Abrams had simply taken Spielberg’s name off the movie. As it was, this movie was constantly compared to E.T. and other Spielberg films instead of being held up to its own standards.

Which granted – is a little tough since Abrams is mostly making an homage film. How do you separate the film from the source material?

And I suggest by making Super 8 what it was always meant to be – a smart, scary story for kids who can’t see R-Rated movies. This movie has everything from Zombies to Aliens to Government Killers to First Loves, everything that scares a 12 year old kid.

I’ll give you that it’s a slow burn but I really feel that it pays off. Not to mention, it’s filled with genuinely creepy/scary moments that are perfect for the Halloween Season.

Forget Spielberg. Forget the lens flare. Forget the CGI alien. Just pop some corn and sit back with a heart warming, thriller that will delight any 12 year old.


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