Nobody remembers the same event the same way. Just ask Al Gore. (*rimshot*) Are comedians out there stealing jokes or is there a case to be made for brilliant people having the same idea for movies and novels, as well as jokes? The other day, I had a very clear memory of making up the perfect middle name for a child. I could even tell you where and when I had this epiphany. And then to my horror, I watched a sitcom (that I has previously watched) makes the same damn joke.

31 Halloween Films for Kids Who Can’t See R-Rated Movies Yet.

#22 – Warm Bodies

Technically, this is just Romeo & Juliet with zombies, but on the other hand this is mother-f#@king Romeo & Juliet with mother-f#@king zombies. (As opposed to just mother-f#@king with zombies like in Night of the Living Oedipus.)

R loves Julie but they are from two different worlds – R is dead and Julie is alive. And wouldn’t you just know it, Julie’s dad just HATES zombies, and oh crap this sounds stupid as hell but somehow it works.

Warm Bodies is a quirky comedy that has humor, adventure, and zombies. But it does’t just have brains, it has heart too and has the stones to suggest that the one thing that might save us from the zombie apocalypse isn’t infecting ourselves with a deadly virus, but love; love just might save us.


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