So what’s the deal with that Ninja Warrior? It’s like American Idol but for ninjas? Isn’t that … I don’t know… kinda f*cked up?

Do I really want to be killed by the Kelly Clarkson of the Ninja World?

So I’m being killed by the guy who the most people called in (1-877-Kill-Him-Now) and voted for?

Real ninjas don’t hold auditions. Or at least, I’ve never seen any. And, truly, isn’t that the REAL point?

31 Halloween Films for Kids Who Can’t See R-Rated Movies Yet.

#23 – Spirited Away

I love all of Miyazaki’s films, but this one is probably the best around Halloween. A young girl find herself in the indentured servitude in a bathhouse specifically run for spirits and the dead. She has forgotten her name and she’s desperate to escape and save her parents (who have been turned into pigs no less).

I recommend watching in the original Japanese with English Subtitles. But either way, the growth of the main character is almost completely unparalleled in any American animated film. Seriously, you’ll go from wanting to drown this kid to actually rooting for her.

You really can’t go wrong with any Miyazaki film but with Halloween right around the corner, Spirited Away is the perfect film for any kid who can’t “legally” see an R-Rated film yet.


Full List of Films
#31 – Tremors
#30 – ParaNorman
#29 – Signs
#27 – Hellboy
#26 – Gremlins
#24 – The Mummy