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31 Halloween Films for Kids Who Can’t See R-Rated Movies Yet.

#29 – Signs



Oh, don’t shake your head.  This is a wonderfully creepy tale by the director we all love to hate.  While not his best film (Unbreakable), this is a fantastic film about faith versus science, alien versus man.  No, no, no, don’t give me that “they would never come to Earth with that kind of allergy.”  Why the Hell not?  We eat poisonous fish, eating VERY CAREFULLY around the poisonous parts.  What’s that? They can fly a spaceship but can’t get out of a fruit cellar?  Fuck yes!  Are you telling me if you were on a UFO and you got stuck in the space-fruit-cellar-closet-thing that you would just know how to open the door?  I wouldn’t.  I’d be stuck in there for years!  SIGNS is a great film that’s really freaky, and scary, but not too violent or gory.  Sure, they lay it on a little thick at times but that just adds to the crazy preacher’s flawed family.  It’s a good film and your 12 year old should see it before Halloween.  You’ll never make fun of the men in grey suits again. (Well, you still can. We won’t hold it against you.)


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#29 – Signs