This was how good Frank Oz was.  Nobody really associates Yoda with Grover.  But if you listen carefully, there is very little difference between the way Grover talks and the old fashion dialect of a certain Green Jedi Master.



But I want a TRUE Muppet Star Wars!

Light sabers duct taped to hands.

Muppet monster in the trash compactor.

Stupid celebrity main characters that we wish were played by muppets instead.

And the songs….

Oh the wonderful, over the top musical numbers.

Tap dancing storm troopers.  Love songs between Miss Piggy and Luke Flyhopper.  Gonzo as Han Solo?  Sure.  Why not?

And of course, Tim Curry as Darth Vadar.

You know – just like every other movie where the Muppets tried to make Treasure Island or a Christmas Carol interesting.

I’m sorry, but with the Pinocchio Wars on Cartoon Network, Star Wars has gotten really, really, really boring.

Quick!  Send in the Muppets!  They’re our only hope!

31 Halloween Films for Kids Who Can’t See R-Rated Movies Yet.

#30 – ParaNorman

Don’t let the fact that this movie is animated fool you.  This movie is basically a sequel to The Sixth Sense. (Yes, Norman sees Dead People. He talks to them too.)  This is not a kids’ movie.  I mean, yes, technically, it was made with kids in mind, but unlike a movie such as, I don’t know, Hotel for Dogs, what’s wonderful about ParaNorman is that it doesn’t treat kids like they are idiots.  There’s no training wheels on this zombie/ghost story. Hell, mentally insane people are popping pills like they were candy and that’s just in the first ten minutes.  ParaNorman is a perfect mix of nostalgia while creating something new and clever at the same time. It’s a fun, entertaining story that can be enjoyed by even the most serious horror film fanatics.


Full List of Films
#31 – Tremors
#30 – ParaNorman