It’s hard not to laugh at pet shaming.  We’ve all been on the receiving end of well intended back scratch, only to have it backfire, so to speak.  It’s hard not to laugh because half the time, it’s not like our pets don’t know they crossed a line.  Photographing the shame and posting it on the Inter-Webs is the only course sometimes left to us.

However, if my pet could turn around and shame me, I have no doubts he or she would do the same thing.

“I waited until I had eaten a whole bag of oreos and finished watching Glee before I fed my cat.”

“I farted and blamed my best friend.”

“I knew the dog needed to go out but I procrastinated so long, she peed on the floor and then I yelled at her while I swiffered my fault away.”

“I left my pizza on the coffee table, knowing that I hadn’t fed my best friend, and then I freaked out when I found him eating the last piece of supreme.”