The Walking Dead is back and it’s back like a rash that keeps turning up in the worst places.

It’s no longer just a television series meow.  (And formerly a sweet comic book.)  Now The Walking Dead is an empire.  It’s board games, merchandise, cosplay with a movie, maybe, in the works.

Yet sadly, the TV show has changed.  Not unlike a zombie, it’s a shadowy nightmare of it’s former self.  Gone are the days of hiding in houses with blankets over the windows, pushing down the sobs in fear that it might attract walkers.  Now… well now we can’t even keep the fearless children in the house.  They look at the calendar and see that Sweeps is still a month away, so they run out of the house and play in nearby open fields.

We’re still big fans of The Walking Dead over here at Team Mohagen, but the show itself has become a metaphor for the apocalypse that it is supposed to depict.  I keep waiting for help, for a sign of hope, for a script or a plot twist that will make me believe again.