I still remember the day the news announced that AOL had bought Time Warner.  I literally did a spit take.  But, but, no one uses AOL anymore, I remember thinking.

Now teh Googles is getting into driverless cars and glasses that keep you connected to google 24/7.  It all smacks of the same desperation.  It’s the rush for the next big thing.

Smart shoes!  (call ‘em iShoes)

Network pots and pans.  They send you a text when they need to be washed.

TV’s that use Kinetic motion detector to tell when you are shuffling in your seat so it puts the game/movie on pause so you can use the bathroom.

I wonder when teh googles will realize that its iShoes are untied and it’s gonna trip any day now?

I say this, but then again, I am still using teh googles.