In the immortal words of Bobby Hill, “Everybody LOVES a prop comedian”.

I have it on first hand knowledge that the Carrot Growers of America and the Fake Tan Association of North America both love Carrot Top.  So I can only imagine that in real life, the Watermelon Growers of America probably love Gallagher.  (*fingers crossed*)  Above is a clip of Gallagher doing what he does best, but in slow motion.  It really has to be seen to be believed.  Annnnnnd if anyone is interested in a sneak peak at Arnold Schwarzenegger’s future Conan movie just skip ahead to the 1:50 mark.  Needless to say, it’s pretty… uh… something.



So… here’s a funny story… which isn’t in the Bios section, but probably should be.  Kennon and I have actually never met in “real” life.  We live in different states on different ends of the country and we communicate mostly by instant messaging and e-mails.

Not one con?

Not one passing in airports?

Nope and nope.  All these years working together and we still haven’t met.  We’re great friends, but we still haven’t found a way to be in the same place at the same time.  Not yet anyway.  We’ve come close.

So yesterday Kennon and I were chatting in IM about today’s strip and we decided to share a little of what goes on behind the scenes:


John:              It’s funny.

John:              He had a heart attack.

John:              And then he pulled through

John:              And I wrote the strip

John:              And the day I wrote it

John:              He had another heart attack

John:              And I thought “Whoa…. too soon…

John:              But that was a while ago.

John:              And he seems to be doing better now.

John:              lol

Kennon:         holy sh*t

Kennon:         yeah, I read the strip and was like, “Gallagher’s dead?? wtf?”

Kennon:         had to look it up

John:              No no…. the Watermellon Growers of America haven’t succeeded ….

John                …

John:               …

John:              yet….

Kennon:         right

John:              Wait.

John:              He’s not dead, is he?


John:              *whew*

John:              He’s still alive.

John:              Okay we’re golden

Kennon:         currently

John:              (unless he dies tomorrow and then we’re screwed)

Kennon:         that could change between now and tomorrow

John:               I know I know

Kennon:          exactly

John:              *panicking*

John:               Well f*ck it