Nerds.  Nerds, nerds, nerds, nerds, nerds.

So if you haven’t heard, the Internet is all a buzz because of some comic book artist went all Dave Sim and started cussing out women on his Facebook page, specifically women who dress in costumes at Comic Cons who are not knowledgeable about the characters that they are dressed up as.  That’s what’s so great about the Internet – you can either have intelligent, thoughtful discussions about issues or you can simply call women whores.

In misogynistic marty’s defense, I understand that Comic Cons are indeed becoming a lot more like high school.  Now-a-days, anyone can go to a Comic Convention, nerd or not, and, Hell, even women are going to them now.  And there’s poor ignored irwin… it’s puberty all over again.  The pretty popular people are being photographed and worshipped while his true genius goes over-looked and is missed entirely.  Can you blame angry adam for blowing a gasket and calling women who enjoy cosplay whores?

I say, yes.  Yes, I can blame him for being an idiot.  But even worse, every one out there bitching about beautiful women dressing up as superheroes, anime heroines, and steampunk engineers, these complainers are the very reason why people used to hate nerds and will hate them again.

It’s the elitism.

It’s the sense of entitlement.

It’s the comic hipster, but I was reading Green Arrow before you even knew who he was, ass-hats.

I don’t care.  I don’t care that little-dicked larry was only calling a certain group of women who are dressing up simply for attention whores.  I don’t care if you think you are right or not.  You are killing comics.  Not the person dressing up like Wonder Girl who doesn’t know who Wonder Girl is.  No, it’s you, Ego McButt-Munch who is killing comics.  The guy that says that comics are all yours and no one else’s.

I love being a nerd.  But there are some nerds out there… and they’re just giving nerds a bad name… again.