Okay. Even all of us at Team Mohagen have no idea what is going on here? Who is this guy? He looks kinda familiar. Is this Mohagen wearing a costume or is this really a time traveler? And if this isn’t Mohagen then, gulp, where is everyone’s favorite fish?

Say, if you haven’t heard Kennon and me shouting it from rooftops, the talented and captivating Danielle Corsetto has posted a guest strip created by Team Mohagen over at the famous Girls With Slingshots. If you are a fan of webcomics then no doubt you’re a fan of Ms. Corsetto’s work just like Kennon and I have been for years. Our guest comic stars two of my favorite characters, the usually shy, Internet obsessed Maureen and her hunka-hunka-burning love barista hubby Jameson. You should swing over and check it out if you haven’t already.

As for our mysterious stranger, come back in a day and two and you might learn more. You might even learn a little bit about … … wait for it… … … THE FUTURE!

[/oh noes!]