There’s just no walking with Mohagen. It’s always go straight for flying. I mean, who wants to juggle balls? [*tee hee*] Wouldn’t you rather be juggling chainsaws? Now that’s manly. Super manly. Super stupid and manly. And cool. Super stupid, cool, and manly.

So, you might have noticed that this comic is coming a wee late. Well, we won’t lie. Hurricane Sandy played some Hell with out time table. But we’re back. And we’re ready to rock. So check back soon because it’s gonna be a lot shorter than a week before our next update. How soon? Soon. Yes, but how soon? Soon. Yes, but really how soon? Geeze, we have no idea but it could be really soon like super, manly, cool soon. Enuff with the questions. Ermergerd!

“Watch this space”