Oh I’m gonna be so pissed if Canada legalizes Marijuana before the United States.  It’s not fair!  Why can’t we be first in anything?  We at Team Mohagen were good and ready for a sweet German stoner film about a couple of kids who saved their money and flew to the U.S. because marijuana was legal there.  You know, something like Lukas & Leon Burn It Up in New York.  Hmmm.  No.  That doesn’t sound right.  You know what I mean – a fun stoner flick where THE UNITED STATES is the happening place, instead of Amsterdam or yet another Euro Road Trip.

We just know that Canada is going to beat us to the punch again.  Thank goodness we still have a solid lock on violent crime, the NFL, and Dunkin’ Donuts!

P.S.  Oh crap!  I forgot about Tim Horton’s. CURSE YOU, CANADA!  CURSE YOU!