For the record, the following things do not give you street cred:

- Laughing at Dave Chappell’s jokes
- Using Ubuntu
- Having seen all of Quentin Tarintino’s movies
- Thinking Kanye is talented
- Hanging out on the My Little Pony message threads on 4chan
- Hiring The Roots to be the band of your late night talk show
- Being told by your boss that you have to work mandatory overtime
- Being right more than 50% of the time predicting the actual father on Maury
- Always watching Friday when you accidentally stumbled on it channel surfing
- Using gmail and/or chrome
- And, again, for those that missed it, watching The Wire

Truthfully, unless you’re walking from your hotel over to the French Quarter in New Orleans, Street Cred is pretty much overrated.

“Street Cred?  Yeah, I don’t think so.”

P.S. Yeah. We know. We misspelled Nicki Minaj’s name. We’re fixing it. We blame John’s California grade school education and the fact that he’s REALLY white.