It’s our three year anniversary!

*du step turned up too loud*

That right, my ducks, Mohagen has been up on the web for three years.  Mo’ Money and Grady started in a little garage in Texas and over the past few years have become International Super Stars!  You heard me.  International.  Super.  Stars.  (Damn straight.)  So, naturally, we can understand the burning question that has been on everyone’s mind.

“Where the hell are all the new comics?!?”

Yeah, that’s a good question.  We’re glad you asked.  (Well not so much but it needed to be addressed.)

Kennon and I both have been swamped at work and have been struggling to meet our deadlines.  And as both of us our active family men, our extra stuff, like everybody’s favorite flounder, have suffered. But we love this fish and his pet skull and we’re determined to get back onto schedule.  We’re not taking over writing duties on Scooby Doo Comic Book as rumored.  We’ve declined Marvel’s offer to work on Shang-Chi, Master of Kung Fu, reboot.

What Kennon and I want to work on is Mohagen.

So you’ll be see a lot more of us very soon.  And you’ll also see….

Mohagen’s Girlfriend….

The Return of Gygax….

Mohagen and Grady pick a fight with a couple of monkeys…

Fosse and Michael go camping…

And Jeremy enters Mohagen as his school science fair project…

But until we start into these stories, here’s a quick flashback to three years ago in a certain garage.  And thanks again for reading.