Things I Should Be Doing Instead of Writing This Blog Post.

#5.  Running.  Working Out.  Etc.  I have the messed up weight plan.  I don’t remember where I learned my latest training regime but I seem to think that I will lose weight by obsessing that I need to work out more. I guess someone told me that if I think about working out at least 15 times a day that eventually my body will get confused and think I’ve worked out when I really haven’t.  I mean, Poached Potatoes!  I even brought my running shoes and clothes to work so I could run today.  My excuse?  “But it’s raining.  *boo hoo*”

#4.  Photo Research.  Kennon and I came up with a mighty tall order for our #200th Mohagen strip.  He asked if I wouldn’t mind doing a little photo research to help prepare.  I said sure.  *nods*  Yup.  I should totally be doing that.  Or I could procrastinate.  Yes, I think I’ll do that instead.  La La La.

#3.  Enslaving humanity. Overthrowing the World’s Super Powers.  Fixing Perpetual Motion Machine.  So about a year ago I was hanging out on this Super Villain Forum (Don’t bother asking. It’s invite only.) and I kinda got into this bitch-fest with The Invincible Toad about who could enslave humanity faster.  Upon reflection, it was really stupid but I was strutting around the boards having successfully tested my perpetual motion machine (The PMM) and I might have made the mistake of trolling The Toad’s thread.  Anyway, manly members were drawn, flapped about, and ended in a bet with “Who Could Overthrow the Entire Civilized World by 2015″.  Yesterday I looked at his tumblr and let’s just say he’s waaaaaaaaaaay ahead of me.

#2.  Working on Mah Book.  It hasn’t gone anyway.  It’s still sitting there, waiting under the missile toe, hoping for a little attention.  “Hello there!”  *waves across the room*  “Yes, I’m coming right over!  Yes, right now!  No, no!  You just stay right there!  I’ll… bring you a drink… or… something.”

#1.  My job.  Oh.  Right.  F8ck.