How do you make a movie about an ape revolution and not one piece of poop is thrown?

Nobody wants a war.  But even more, nobody wants a war where the other guys (in this case adorable monkeys) are throwing poop.

I can just see me, walking in San Francisco in my new suit.  “Tra la la.”  And then, all the sudden, WHAM-O!

“What what, is this poop?  Is this corn?  What the hell?”

“Didn’t you hear?  The apes are rising.  I guess they want equal rites, Habeas Corpus and stuff like that,” says some other guy covered in poop.

“Well, geeze, someone give it to them already.  Ah man.  This suit was like $40!  And now it smells like The Bathroom in the Bus Station of the Planet of the Apes.”