Annnnd here is where John got the title for today’s strip:


There’s this guy named Jack, and he has a girlfriend named Wendy. Unfortunately, Wendy has been dumped a lot and is afraid that Jack really isn’t serious about their relationship.  She’s afraid to take things to the next level because she’s afraid that Jack will leave her.

Jack loves Wendy a lot, and decides to ask her to marry him. But Wendy is hesitant, skeptical from so much heartache.  To prove how much he loves her, Jack goes and gets Wendy’s name tattooed on his penis.  When he’s (quote) Ready-For-Love (unquote) it is says her name, down along the side, and when he’s, uh, say, just coming out of pool, it simply reads “Wy”

So, the next night, right before they make love, Wendy sees her name on the most intimate of places.  Jack proposes and Wendy says yes.

They decide to go to Jamaica for their honeymoon. Once down there, they decided to try out all of the local culture, including a nude beach. Having a great time at the beach, Jack gets up from sunbathing and goes to get something to drink at the bar.

He orders a drink from the naked bartender and notices that the guy has “Wy” tattooed on his penis as well.  It looks like the exact same tattoo.

Jack asks “Hey, is your wife’s named ‘Wendy’ too?”

And the bartender looks at Jack’s tattoo and then says “No mon. Mine says ‘Welcome to Jamaica, mon. Have a nice day.”